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Learn These Yasui O To Ku — Kandomere Ao3

Kandomere · Kandomere Bright Kandomere Ao3 · Kandomere X Reader Tumblr · Kandomere Bright · Kandomere X Reader Bright · Kandomere X Reader Tumblr. The Wand has been stolen right from under the noses of the Magic Task Force, much to the dismay of Special Agent Kandomere, an elven man who’d spent twenty years searching for it and hunting the elf who wield it. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Kandomere is injured in the line of duty, the call just said he's been shot. You're The world thought the Aetheri were extinct, slaughtered 2000 years before in a systematic genocide. Agent Kandomere tracks a new magic user through the streets of Los Angeles, and discovers three things. 1. Aetheri are not extinct.

Kandomere ao3

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Warnings: Drama, Angst (seriously have tissues) Background: Cecily Delgado had been on the fast track to detective in her hometown of Miami 5 years ago, until a raid she was working on went down. Kandomere x OFC - Little Do You Know Pt 18 -Teaser - Holy Cow! So hi! I’m still alive and still slowly working on this beast. I know it’s been forever and a day but I finally decided if I don’t post AO3 l MASTERLIST Requests: CLOSED Text count: 120+.

Kandomere - Vaster Bot Tens Mat

She is a civilian. There is nothing in her background check that leads me to think anything magnificent about her.

Learn These Yasui O To Ku — Kandomere Ao3

by Silence_burns


You and Kandomere spend a day at the garden where he proposed to you Kandomere had always thought himself above base Human weaknesses like family and friendship, and he'd certainly never considered himself any kind of revolutionary. But that was before he met Ward. In the aftermath, an Elf and a Human Bright conspire to end two thousand years of corruption and lead the world into an age of magic. However in their bid to find and end the Inferni, Kandomere and his team find themselves at the mercy of the park Ranger.

Based on: “Imagine being forced to work with Kandomere and Montehugh.” by @thefandomimagine. Originally posted by saviorskiddo. You watched Montehugh stride to a fast food restaurant on the other side of the road. Kandomere sets the glass down on the counter and reaches up into another cabinet and pulls down a fancy, glass bottle of what you know to be whiskey. Before he can grab the glass again, you quickly cross the remaining kitchen and put your hand over top of it. With a sharp intake of breath, Kandomere turns with a start at your sudden presence.
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1. Aetheri are not extinct.

Aetheri are not extinct. When they get a lead about the Inferni’s next target, it leads Special agents Kandomere and Montehugh to Mythic National Park.
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Kandomere - Vaster Bot Tens Mat

After some case, mentions of mental health, destructive babies and sass)(cross-posted on AO3). This website contains a collection of photos and images.

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Kandomere - Vaster Bot Tens Mat

Finally made a master list for my Tumblr fic.