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Peter Lindberg and Dennis Asberg, who discovered the Anomaly, themselves were baffled by their incredible finding. In an official Ocean X Team video uploaded to YouTube in December 2018, Mr Lindberg described the Anomaly as he first saw it. He said: “One thing I find strange is that we have this hard surface but still we have a darker colour. 2012-05-29 · Rather than Mulder and Scully, this adventure features Swedish researchers Peter Lindberg and Dennis Asberg.

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Dennis Asberg My goal is to find historic ship wrecks, but also to present the truth that I find without any bias. Their most recent, however, is unlike anything anyone's seen before. The Swedish Ocean X diving team lead by Peter Lindberg and Dennis Åsberg didn’t expect to find much while treasure hunting 300 feet from the surface of the Northern Baltic Sea. After all, the water was freezing, dark, and difficult to navigate. The Baltic Sea anomaly is a 60-metre (200 ft) circular rock-like formation on the floor of the Baltic Sea, discovered by Peter Lindberg, Dennis Åsberg and their. Dennis Åsberg och Peter Lindberg är äventyrarna som brinner för att leta efter vrak och andra intressanta objekt på havsbotten.

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Treasure hunters Peter and Dennis were out on a typical day exploring the Baltic Sea when a very unusual image appears on the sonar. Dennis Åsberg och Peter Lindberg är äventyrarna som brinner för att leta efter vrak och andra objekt på havsbotten.

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Treasure hunters Peter Lindberg and Dennis Asberg first discovered the jumbo jet-sized object -- variously described as disc-shaped, circular and cylindrical -- using side-scan sonar. When images and videos were released on the Internet, the story quickly went viral and speculation took off as to the identity of the object, which resembles the fictitious Millennium Falcon spacecraft from the "Star Wars" movies.

1920 F.E Molin, Hans Hansson, Paul Törnström.
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Peter Lindberg och Dennis Åsberg undersöker föremålet på havets botten. Bild: Maria Lilja.

Also, you receive Reward 1 & 2. 99 of 100 left Reward Level 5 11.450€ You win airfare and room/board to join the expedition, and be in the documentary.
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1921 Gunnar Westberg Dec 21, 2017 - Explore Andy Lee Wallis's board "U. F. O" on Pinterest.

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With Oliver Byass, Billy Carson, Stan Constantin, Angela Davis. The incredible mystery of the possible 'alien spacecraft' or artificial construction that lies at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Dennis Åsberg finns på Facebook Gå med i Facebook för att komma i kontakt med Dennis Åsberg och andra som du känner.