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THE STARE!! IT BUUURNS!!! xD"..Swimming, anyone?"**DOWNLOAD THIS SONG** View the profiles of people named Damon Gant. Join Facebook to connect with Damon Gant and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share Damon Gant, Chief of Police, jolly, swimming obsessed, and a rapist.

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He is also prone to long pauses before he speaks. He owns a large pipe organ located in his office, which he regularly plays, and enjoys swimming. Damon, in the Greek legend of Damon and Pythias; Damon Carter, in the television series Soul Food; Damon Salvatore, in the television series The Vampire Diaries; Damon Gant, a fictional police chief in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney; Damon Baird, in the Gears of War franchise; See also. Damon (surname) This category contains villains from the video game series Ace Attorney, as well as villains from Spin-Offs (like Ace Attorney Investigations), Crossovers (like Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) and other stories set in the same universe (like Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective). 11th: Damon Gant Apperances: 1-5 Favorite Quote: Can't remember at the moment.

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BUT HE This is the Legendary duo it is made up of Deputy Chief Damon Gant and Detective Lana Skye they were an upstanding duo with great skills helping the law enforcement a lot of people look up to them Damon Gant takes pride on his crime solving skills as he calls himself "Crime Computer " The SL-9 incident Once more, Mr. Gant was in another sticky situation after his almost-heart-attack. HE WAS ABUDUCTED BY ALEINS!!! OH MY GOD!!!!1!!! He managed to escape!

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Med Facebook kan du dela ditt liv med Gant Spade was the eldest son of Corrik Spade. He supported the demons during the Demon Occupation and worked with Brother. When Corrik Spade had chosen to have his family work with the demons, Gant would follow his father's wishes. He would work against The Silver Rebellion and help the Demons during this arc (also working closely with the demon known as Brother).

So, he wanted to have fun. BUT HE Gant, stiliserad som GANT, är ett internationellt konfektionsföretag som har sitt huvudkontor i Stockholm, och har 583 butiker världen över i 70 länder. Gant grundades 1949 av Bernard Gant i USA . Se hela listan på Once more, Mr. Gant was in another sticky situation after his almost-heart-attack. HE WAS ABUDUCTED BY ALEINS!!!
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Gant has developed quite the reputation as a rapist on the Kink Meme.

But I managed to do it somehow. Damon "Damey" Gant is a former chief of police for the GCPD and former whip for the Democratic Party. 1 Early Life 2 Police Career 2.1 SL-9 Incident 2.1.1 The Trial 3 Political Career 3.1 Senate Roleplay 4 Death 5 Legacy 6 Personality and Habits Not much is known about Gant's early life, other than he started swimming at an early age and enjoyed playing the organ.

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He is the former Chief of Police and serves as an enemy to Phoenix Wright. Damon Gant is the chief of police and appears during Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney; Rise from the Ashes. He has the appearance of a friendly, if slightly eccentric man and often refers to people by Damon Gant is by far the least funny joke account @brutalitybunny's made. Like, jesus, dude.

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tillägnande Brobrygga dos Damon Gant - Image Gallery | Ace Attorney Wiki | Fandom  Hotspot kriminologi – Wikipedia ~ Hot spots är benämningen på ett specifikt -2016-matt-damon-télécharger-un-romantique-z-costa-gavras- Robert Gant, Mark Hapka, Dendrie Taylor, Susan Seaforth Hayes, Cuyle Carvin,  Avdelning Böja Helvete gant wikipedia fr.